Chapter 3

Deploying your new CRM system successfully

Once the initial planning and training have been completed, you need to figure out how — and when — the system should be deployed. Here are a few things to consider:


Decide if you’re going to turn on the solution for all your departments at the same time, or if you’re going to stagger the rollout over a period of time. 


If you decide on a staggered approach, you would need to specify which departments will go live with the new system and when. 


For example, you might want to start with your sales or your marketing teams first. Have your sales teams enter new prospects into their new sales pipeline or have your marketing manager send your your dealership newsletter.  

PRO TIP: STAGGERED APPROACH It’s recommended that dealerships adopting a CRM for the first time implement a staggered approach. Rather than going live with your new system across all departments, implement the solution in just one department first (e.g. sales and then marketing), then see how it goes. This will enable you to iron any other kinks that may arise so that you can smoothly deploy the system to the rest of your dealership.

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