Drive Sales With a Powersports Dealership CRM

Nowadays, the process of purchasing a motorcycle or ATV typically begins with online research. Around 90% of motorcycle buyers browse the internet before making a purchase. To effectively capture these potential customers and expedite the sales process, powersports dealerships and salespeople can utilize a CRM.

Find out what a powersports CRM entails, the advantages it offers, and how you can leverage it for your dealership.

Dealership sales software for closing more deals faster

What is Powersports Dealership CRM?

A powersports CRM (customer relationship management) is a software solution that can assist powersports dealerships with sales, customer service, and marketing. By utilizing a powersports CRM, dealerships can obtain leads, coordinate a multi-channel sales process, and cultivate stronger customer connections.

In today’s business landscape, more and more companies are relying on CRMs to enhance customer experiences and relationships. According to a 2022 report by Fortune Business Insights, even amidst the pandemic, the CRM market grew by 10%, indicating the value that companies derive from using CRMs.

Dealerships that adopt CRMs can expect:

  • Enhanced access to customer data
  • Improved rates of conversion and retention
  • Increased revenue and profits


If you’re a powersports dealership, implementing a CRM can offer you these benefits and more.

Why You Need an Motorcycle Dealership CRM

The unit buying and selling process can be complex and overwhelming for salespeople. From gathering leads and arranging financing to managing inventory and providing after-sales service, dealerships must juggle multiple customers at various stages of the customer journey.

Discover how an powersports dealership CRM tool can assist you in effectively managing these stages:

Establish Stronger Connections

  • Throughout the sales process, you engage with clients via content that addresses their needs, as well as quick customer support that helps convert them into repeat buyers. 

This implies that your connection with customers should not end once they enter your sales pipeline.

A powersports dealership CRM tool can help you maintain this connection by linking you to your customers via various channels, such as websites, blogs, email, and social media. Additionally, marketing automation can personalize your messaging and provide a tailored experience.

Furthermore, customers pose queries on all these channels, and they expect a response within ten minutes or less.

A dealership CRM with a universal inbox feature can assist you in achieving this by consolidating queries from various customer service channels, ensuring you do not miss any.

Streamline Your Sales Process

  • While communication with clients is critical in converting leads into sales, messaging alone is insufficient. You must track when your prospects interact with your touch-points and schedule meetings at the optimal moment to convert them. In other words, you must automate your sales process.


Moreover, with so many communication channels, some sales prospects may slip through the cracks. Your dealership CRM can prevent these leaks and assist you in moving prospects down the sales pipeline using its lead generation and pipeline management tools.

Furthermore, sales analytics and reporting can assist you in identifying what works and what doesn’t to optimize your sales process.

Boost Your Sales Closure Rate

  • The key to closing more sales is to create a seamless sales process. 


A dealership sales CRM can aid you in delivering this experience. With task management capabilities, you can ensure that your team is on the same page, while workflow automation can alleviate you of low-value tasks, allowing you to focus on meeting customers and closing more deals.

In conclusion, it’s a simple system that will ensure your customers receive the same experience from your dealer team before, during and after sales whether online or in-store.

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