How to optimise fixed operations absorption in a motorcycle dealership.

A comprehensive checklist to ensuring accurate financial health in your motorcycle dealership: 

  1. Verify Calculation Methodology

    • Start by double-checking your calculation methodology. Confirm that the output is being accurately calculated to provide reliable insights into your financial performance.
  2. Thoroughly Review Cost Base:

    • Take a closer look at your cost base, specifically checking fixed costs. Ideally, fixed costs should be around 10% of gross profit. This ensures a healthy financial foundation for your dealership.
  3. Examine Gross Profit Accuracy:

    • Scrutinize your gross profit figures for the specified period. Accuracy in recording gross profit is crucial for precise financial analysis and decision-making.
  4. Prioritize Expense Management:

    • Maintain effective expense management processes. Consistently keeping a handle on expenses ensures that your dealership remains financially resilient and well-positioned for sustained success.
  5. Consider Seasonality Impact:

    • Factor in seasonality effects on your operations. Analyze whether workshop activity traditionally reduces during specific seasons, and tailor your strategies accordingly. Likewise, assess the seasonality impact on sales for merchandise during different seasons.
  6. Review Expense Nature:

    • Dive into the nature of expenses for the period under review. Identify any large “one-off” or annual expenses that may have been paid during this period, influencing your financial landscape.
  7. Assess Work in Progress:

    • Conduct a thorough review of your “work in progress” to ensure that no significant amounts are yet to be accounted for. This ensures a complete and accurate representation of your financial standing.


By diligently addressing these key considerations, you not only validate the accuracy of your financial calculations but also fortify the financial health of your dealership. This comprehensive checklist serves as a guide to maintaining financial integrity and making informed decisions for the continued success of your business.

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