How to optimise Return on Net Sales in a motorcycle dealership.

Overcoming Revenue Challenges and Cost Efficiency in Motorcycle Dealerships

Insufficient Revenue and Excessive Fixed Costs

One of the common hurdles motorcycle dealerships encounter is a revenue shortfall to support their business structure and cover fixed costs. Whether it’s excessive rent, interest, or administration expenses, these fixed costs can quickly become burdensome. Dealership managers must carefully evaluate and streamline these costs to ensure financial sustainability.

Gross Profit % Below Benchmark

Gross profit percentage is a vital metric, and falling below industry benchmarks can signal potential issues. In such cases, it’s essential to scrutinize pricing strategies, negotiate with suppliers, and explore opportunities to enhance the value proposition for customers.

Low Fixed Operation Absorption

The balance between revenue generated from parts and service relative to bike sales, known as fixed operation absorption, is critical. If it’s insufficient, it can impact overall profitability.

Excess Labor Costs and Headcount

Labor costs that exceed industry guidelines can strain a dealership’s financial health. It’s crucial to assess staffing levels, evaluate productivity, and ensure that labor costs align with the dealership’s size and scope.

Revenue Recognition and Expense Items

Sometimes, financial challenges arise due to accounting discrepancies. Ensure that all revenue related to the period has been correctly recognized in the accounts. Additionally, scrutinize the financial statements to identify and rectify any “one-off” or “exceptional” expense items that might distort the true financial picture.


Navigating the financial landscape of a motorcycle dealership demands a keen understanding of revenue streams, cost structures, and industry benchmarks. Benchmark figures for Return on Net Sales (RNS) in the motorcycle dealership industry can vary and are subject to change based on economic conditions, market trends, and business models. T

ypically, a healthy RNS for a dealership falls within the range of 5% to 10%, but this can vary based on factors such as the size of the dealership, location, and prevailing industry standards

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