What is a Powersports CRM?

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What can it do for your dealership?

In short, a powersports “CRM” system is a “customer relationship management system”. In other words, it is a tool that enables you to grow your dealership by optimising the way your sales, marketing, and service teams interact with your leads and customers. 

It's your customer database

Put simply, a CRM will keep a record of your customers and the most important facts about them. For example, the units they own, when they last had a service, what they have bought from you online, their contact details, their social media accounts, future bookings, and past appointments.

It's how you communicate with your customers

That is, a CRM is a tool that will enable you to send marketing emails, newsletters, and service reminder texts. For that reason, a CRM keeps a record of every communication your team has had with your leads and also your customers. This includes every email, text and phone call. To this end, it becomes a single source of truth for everyone in your dealership to access.

It optimises your sales process

In detail, a CRM will empower your team to maintain a relationship with your customers as they market and sell units, services and parts. For example, a CRM will automatically send quotes by email or text. In addition, it will follow up on your behalf and remind your team that they have prospects in their pipeline to work. 

It connects your departments

Overall, a CRM tool ensures every department can maintain its relationship with your customers. In short, it combines all the business functions that interact with your customers, so every team member has only one central view. These include:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service 
  • Parts
  • Finance
  • E-commerce

It helps you to improve the way you run your dealership

  • You can, collect leads and customer information from the first interaction until the end of the customer life cycle.
  • You’ll be able to segment your customers to run effective marketing campaigns. For example, send a marketing email to only those who own a Yamaha. 
  • You then use customer information to optimize your service and sales process. In other words, it can automatically send your new customers a service reminder text or email six months after their purchase.
  • You’ll be able to track and manage customer interactions to maximize customer satisfaction and retention, for example, it will automatically send your customers a birthday incentive to visit you.

So, what is a Powersports CRM system?

In conclusion, it’s a simple system that will ensure your customers receive the same experience from your dealer team before, during and after sales whether online or in-store.

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