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Dealership CRM Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find the answer to a burning question, please, contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

Take your customer relationships to the next level. 

Your customers and their contact information sit at the heart of a dealership CRM as it’s key to building and maintaining your customer relationships. A motorcycle dealership performance CRM software tool gives you a single place for storing, viewing and recording every email and phone call between your team and your customers. The benefits mean that you can:

  • See all your contact information in one place instead of sifting through multiple invoices or spreadsheets 
  • Track the history of all your communications with every customer
  • Store emails, documents and files associated with each customer
  • Manage tasks for customers by creating to-do lists and tracking your team’s progress
  • Search your contact databases to retrieve the information you need instantly
  • Share contact lists with co-workers to ensure that everyone on the team has current information
  • Get to know your contacts by storing information about their social media accounts and adding customized tags and fields for additional data
  • Use your contact lists to create email marketing campaigns easily
  • Categorize contacts for more segmented marketing
  • See all interactions with contacts at a glance

Traditional CRM systems were often tied to a DMS and required extensive training. Since Dealership CRM integrates with the apps you’re already using and because it’s built on the same technology it’s really simple to use. Dealership CRM features simple tools and easy-to-use interfaces to help your team become more efficient and productive every time they use it. 

With prompts that show what action to take next, even if you’re not a technology expert, you can learn to use this system in minutes.

Because Dealership CRM is entirely cloud-based which means you can use it on any device with an internet connection.

You can be confident that all your dealership’s data is stored safely in the cloud, meaning you and your team can work seamlessly together.

Successful Powersports dealerships are increasingly using CRM tools to improve their customer service. For example a CRM tool can:

  • Anticipate your customer’s needs based on historical information collected from customer interactions 
  • Shorten customer wait time by making all of the customer data available to your team 
  • Identify opportunities to win back customers at risk of churn
  • Provide customized assistance to customers based on their sales data
  • Improve service delivery by collecting feedback from customers and analyzing trends

You can give your sales team a pipeline to maximise their revenue. Using Dealership CRM you will be able to:

  • View all unit sales opportunities at a glance

  • Compare the performance of each individual sales representative in your dealership

  • Identify the sales activities that have the biggest impact on sales conversions in your dealership, so you can do more of them

  • Track key performance indicators to identify areas for improvement and optimize performance of your sales team

  • More accurately forecast future revenue

  • Set realistic dealership growth targets

  • Prioritize high-value customer opportunities

  • Identify where a prospect is in your sales cycle and what needs to be done next to move them along

  • Compare sales activity with revenue projections to see if more prospecting efforts are required to meet quotas

  • Identify your dealership’s top-performing sales reps and match them to your hottest sales opportunities

  • Track history of sales contacts, including notes, emails and attached documents

When dealership marketing teams use CRM data, it performs many useful functions for the dealership:

  • Allows your team to send targetted offers for specific parts and accessories to customers who have bought a specific make and model unit from you
  • Enables your team to automatically send service reminders by text or email 
  • Segments your prospects and customers to help identify which groups are most likely to buy a certain product in the future
  • Allows marketers to deliver personalized newsletters based on a customer’s individual data, improving conversion rates of marketing campaigns
  • Analyze the success of marketing efforts to replicate high-performing campaigns and avoid repeating wasteful campaigns

Using Dealership CRM can keep your service bays full and your technician proficiency high. A CRM tool can automate many of the tasks performed by your service manager. For example:

  • Automatically send text and email appointment reminders customised with the customer’s unit make and model to eliminiate missed appointments 
  • Send annual roadworthy inspection reminders to keep your existing customers coming back every year
  • Check-in customers and take photos of their unit when they arrive
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