Chapter 4

Post-deployment: ensuring continued and long-term success


Closely monitor how your dealership is doing in the weeks following the deployment. Refer to your objectives for switching to the new system, and evaluate whether the solution has helped you meet them.

Gather feedback from associates, managers, and other members of the dealership who were affected by the change. How are they liking the new solution? Have they encountered any difficulties so far? Are they happy with the switch? 


It’s also best to establish a good relationship with your vendor and/or consultant. Discuss any fine-tuning or tweaks that need to be implemented so you can keep the system running smoothly. Even if you don’t have any issues with your system, it’s still a good idea to work closely with them, so you can tap into their expertise and resources. Many solution providers and consultants provide training and additional information on features and functionalities that may come in handy for your team.


The powerports industry doesn’t stay stagnant, and neither should you. Keep your roadmap updated, and refer to it often so you can figure out your next steps. Have a discussion with key company members around what’s next for the company and explore how your customer relationship management system will enable you to implement your plans going forward.

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